Your own stock – Collections

Stock of Images – Collections

There are lots of stocks all over the world but you can have your own one to print from it instantly.
Collection is a place where you can store your images to sell them printed on the products which you have in your Hefest Account.
Let’s say you have a collection of art, posters or photographs. You can upload them into Collection and assign products on which they can be printed.
Collections can be public or private. You can set a password and invite only those whom you sent this password and the link to a particular collection.
When your visitor goes to a collection, they can directly order prints on the desired product. The order will be received and downloaded to your location.
Collections can save you a lot of time and make the process of ordering prints convenient for your customers.
You can invite your customers to create their own collections and sell their images printed by your print shop.
Private collections can be used by photographers. For example, to show studio family shots only to the members of the family. If you have photographers as returning customers, invite them to use Collections.

How to create a collection.

  1. Go to Management panel.
  2. Open the Collections section.
  3. Add a new collection.
  4. Name the collection.
  5. Add a description to the Text field if you want.
  6. Set a password if you want the collection to be private or leave the password field blank to make the collection accessible for everybody.
  7. Select your language.
  8.  Select the media you want you images to be printed on.
  9. Upload images.
  10. Save

You are done

Protect your images

You can protect your images from being dowloaded by a third party by encrypting them. Learn how to do it.

How to invite a new user to use Collections

  1. Go to Management Panel / Users
  2. Type email address of the person you are inviting.
  3. Select “Collection owner” item.
  4. Send invite.

The person you have invited will be able to create their own collections.