Hefest Platform Manual

Hefest Platform Manual

How to work with Hefest Digital -2- Solid

Foreword why people use it

Hefest Digital to Solid works as an online front store for printing businesses. It helps printing shops to create fine and informative 3D presentations of their products. 3D previews gives the clients a much better understanding of what they will get when their order is printed. Think of all the materials you can print on and you will admit that it is important.

Hefest Digital to Solid structures the workflow of printing and helps to deal with problematic orders. You can always take a look at what the client was doing while ordering.

The system can get images ready for printing for nearly any printer on the market.

You receive incoming jobs ready to be printed. The system redirects files to dedicated printers ready to be printed with the correct size and cropping set by your client. But you always have access to the original files and can work with them if you like/need. Hefest Digital to Solid also supports standard (conventional) printing on popular Noritsu and Fuji Frontier printers.

If you are not printing everything in one place, you can easily download your orders to any remote location or even automatically outsource work to a partner.

Most important thing is that in is not necessary to have any special knowlege to manage and adjust Hefest Digital to Solid to your needs. In “worst” cases just a little help from your webmaster will do just fine*.

*Hefest Digital to Solid has a very reliable support too.

Quick start how to start without a delay

When you accomplish these steps, you will be ready to receive your online orders. It’s easy for you and convenient for your customers.

Products Settings how to create and setup your products