Working with Templates – Greeting Card Example

Watch above video and follow the step You will end up with nicely prepared set of greeting cards.

What are templates and how to work with them.

To create a template for a greeting card we add a layer with a PNG file with transparent areas. You can use sample templates provided by Hefest or upload your own images.  When templates are ready you show them grouped by topics (see how to group products by media). Now your customers can upload their images into these templates to create greeting cards which you will print for them.

Take a look at the working example. 

Create template

Create you own  template for a greeting card in any image editor that supports alpha channels. Specify transparent areas. Save the image in PNG-24 format to keep the alpha channel.
Remember that when Photoshop recalculates mm(cm/inches) into pixels and back it potentially could cause some problems when number is rounded. We advise you to double check the ratio between image sides when it’s in pixels to be sure that it fits the media size.

Upload template

Login to your management panel. (Management panel).
Select Template section. Upload your template. Add a tag to it if you wish (eg. xmas or birthday)
PS. If you want you can use templates from our Library that are accessible in the templates upload section

Create product

Sizes section

Add size or sizes which you’re going to use for the uploaded template.

Media section

  1. Name your Media.
  2. Select media type ‘Board’.
  3. Add (+)
  4. Click on newly created media to open its properties.
  5. Check check-box ‘Use with templates’.
  6. Leave other settings blank.
  7. Save.

Products section

  1. Add product
  2. Select Media
  3. Select Size
  4. Select Printer
  5. Add price
  6. Select orientation if it’s a landscape. If it’s a portrait leave ‘Landscape’ checkbox unchecked.
  7. Select template. (If you don’t see any templates at this step check template and size ratio and orientation. See: Important Notice)
  8. Save

You are done!

But you can also make a nice presentation of all your greeting cards which you print on this media.

Show all greeting cards nicely on one page

  1. Add your own background and headings to the layout.
    1. Click on “Presentation settings”
    2. Fill it header and subhead fields and upload your background image.

By the way

we have a preset with two dozens of Christmas Cards. Check it out in Products Presets section of your Management Panel.
Learn how to work with Products Presets. You can use this preset as a sample.

Important notice.

Keep in mind that the Template and the Size must have the same ratio of the sides and orientation. You will not be able to add a template to the size if they have different ratio and orientation. For example, if your template is 10 x 20cm landscape, you have to create a product with size ratio 1:2 with landscape orientation.

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