Setup for the Wooden Board Made of Planks Media

This type of wall decoration is quite popular nowadays. It looks great in various interiors. People love it.

Sometimes placing customer image on the board can be tricky. You have to decide for the client which part of the picture is more important. Hefest can help you to avoid making such decisions. You customer will place their images themselves. Hefest keeps the exact position of the image on board and pass it to you. You can safely put the incoming job into the printer queue.

In case you have any doubts you can always take a look at the particular order in the Inspect Mode to preview how your customer placed the image.

Take a look at the working example.

How to setup wooden board made of planks media steps

Login to your management panel. (Management panel).

Sizes Section

  1. Add size or sizes for your products. Otherwise, use any size that you have already got.

Media Section

  1. Go to Media section
  2. Name your Media.
  3. Select ‘Board’ as your media type.
  4. Add (+)
  5. Click on newly created media to open its properties.
    1. Set Thickness of your board
    2. Select wooden texture.
    3. Set Bleed (optional)
    4. Set Colour or Texture on Edge (optional)
    5. Middle plank/bar for a bigger board size (optional)
  6. Board Made of Planks Section
    1. Set plank width
    2. Set gap between planks
    3. Select board orientation. (See Important notice)
    4. Margins of the backside bars (how far they are from the side of the board)
  7. Leave other settings blank.
  8. Save.

Products Section

  1. Add product
  2. Select Media you have created in Media Section
  3. Select Size
  4. Select Printer
  5. Add price
  6. Save

You are done!

Board anatomy

Sample settings

Important notice

A board of a certain size can be produced either from planks placed horizontally or from planks placed vertically. In each case the length and number of planks will be different. You should choose which type of board you are setting up and select ‘Horizontal’ or ‘Vertical’ orientation. You must create a separate media for each orientation.

Look at the picture below.

Sample Online Front Store for this type of boards

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