Setup for the Solid Boards Media

You produce prints on different types of materials: MDF, aluminium, wooden blocks, forex, leather and… you name it.

Here you can learn how to create a proper 3D presentation of the final product and get job files ready for printing.

Generally speaking, you can set the thickness of your board, type of its surface texture, and bleed if you need it. But there are more buttons which you can tweak to get a better preview result for your customers.

Take a look at the working example.

How to Setup Board Type Media Steps

Login to your management panel. (Management panel).

Sizes Section

  1. Add size or sizes of your products. Otherwise, use sizes which you have already created.

Media section

  1. Go to Media Section
  2. Name your Media.
  3. Select ‘Board’ as your media type.
    In drop-down list you can see “canvas” type. It’s deprecated and will be removed soon. It’s been used for the plane canvas presentation.  Now we have 3D preview.
  4. Add (+)
  5. Click on newly created media to open its properties.
    1. Set Thickness of your board
    2. Select texture.
    3. Set Bleed.  It’s optional but with this parameter you can show what part of the image will be cut on the actual print.
    4. Set Colour or Texture on Edge. It’s also optional but if you print, for example, on MDF you can use colour to show how you decorate sides of the board. For the solid wooden board you can show wooden texture on its side.
  6. Leave other settings blank.
  7. Save.

Products Section

  1. Add product
  2. Select Media you have created in Media Section
  3. Select Size
  4. Select Printer
  5. Add price
  6. Save

You are done!

Board anatomy