PAGES are your online storefront

PAGES are your online storefront

PAGES can help you create your online storefront (see the example). Make presentations with your own images and texts about the products or services which you offer and invite your customers to place their orders.

Actually, with PAGES you can build a fully functional website.

If you used Quick Setup or Products presets, Hefest has already created some pages for you automatically.

If you prefer to invite your customers to place their orders from your own website, you can create links to the ordering interfaces using Integration section of the Management Panel. Learn how to create such links.

How a web page is built

Take a look at the info-graphical description on how Page Editor in the Management Panel is connected to the layout of your web page.

You can keep this image open or download pdf for better resolution and follow the steps below. Soon you will find your new web page ready to invite visitors to enjoy user friendly interface.

Page anatomy


How to make your page ready to work for you

Go to PAGES Section of Management Panel.

General Settings

  1. Fill in you company information
  2. Select your language. It is IMPORTANT. If you don’t do this, the system will work by default in English
  3. Upload your logo (optional)
  4. Select the layout(design). You can switch between layouts as many times as you want. It doesn’t have any influence on production. Choose the one you like better.
  5. Skip Menu for the time being. You can get back here later, after you have created more than one page and want to link pages to each other. Any URL can be added to the menu.


  1. Actions
    1. Add page to your menu if you want.
    2. Delete page.
  2.  Carousel
    1. Add as many slides as you want but not toooo many. If there are a lot of them, your page can take too long to load. Keep in mind that it is better to use images of the same size for your slider. If images have the same width and height in pixels, your carousel will rotate them smoothly without unnecessary jolting.
    2. Add top and bottom texts to your slide if you want.
    3. Set a link to another page or service if you want to attract special attention of your customers to a special event.
  3. Header
    1. Use Heading and Subheading fields to name and describe your services and products.
    2. Use the Main text field to place further information.


This is what makes your storefront beautiful.

  1. Click on “Add service”. There are several options to choose from:
    • Visualization Order Interface. Select it to create a link to the ordering interface with the 3D preview (See more on the types of ordering interfaces).
    • Conventional (standard) printing. Select it to create a link to the ordering interface for standard printing. Let people order a number of prints of different sizes from several uploaded files.
    • URL. Select it if you want to use it just for redirection to another page or external URL.
  2. Name your service.
  3. Add a short description.
  4. Add a long description.
  5. Upload image(s). The first uploaded image will be used as the featured image of the service. All  the rest are going to be rotated in the service slider when a visitor clicks on the featured image.
  6. Save and close.

Service anatomy



  1. Use Footer to add any additional information if you want. (working hours, etc)

How to deploy your ordering system

  1. Make look and feel the way you like it. Add your texts and images. Leave the rest to Hefest. Click on the “open page” link in the Management Panel / PAGES section. Your web storefront is ready to receive customers’ orders.
  2. If you have your own website, use Integration  tool to create links to Hefest ordering interfaces from your website. Learn how to do it
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