Download incoming orders. Agent installation

This is an important part of the system because it brings together all the steps which were made previously and delivers prepared  printing jobs to your print shop. All orders are delivered ready to be printed but you always have access to the original clients’ files and may preview the order in Inspect Mode if you have any doubts about it.

Agent Application can be installed on Windows and Mac computers.

Orders Download Setup configure your Agent in a way which suits you best

While setting it up follow, the movie above.

Here are the steps you want to take:

Firstly, download Agent Installer from the Agent section of the Management Panel. Unpack the Agent archive and install it the same way you would install any other application on your computer. When you are done, delete the installer. You don’t need it any more. In case you want to re-install Agent, the installer is always accessible from the Management Panel.

Secondly, we should connect your Hefest account with your print shop. Agent will query the server for incoming orders and if there are any, they will be automatically downloaded to the place you specify in the Agent settings.

To connect your Agent to your Hefest account follow the steps bellow:

    1. Go to Management Panel / Properties
    2. Copy API secret key
    3. Paste it into the corresponding field in the Agent application
    4. Click on Authenticate

You are connected to the Hefest server now. Agent reads all the printers configured in your Hefest account. Pay attention to one more thing which you can see in the Agent interface – Note. Note is a notification which is downloaded with every order. It contains all the information about the prints, the client and delivery You can use it as a packaging list.

Choose directories (folders) where you want to save incoming jobs in order to show the Agent application where to send them. Folders can be kept locally on your computer or on the network.  For example, if you use Noritsu or Frontier printers you’d want to save incoming jobs to a certain place on your network so that  your printer will pick them up and put them into its queue automatically.

If you are working on Frontier printers you may want to use Archive Folder to save incoming orders because Frontier deletes jobs after they are printed.

Set Timeout

Use timeout period to tell Agent how often you want it to query Hefest server to download new orders.

To Do List 6 steps to get your Agent ready to receive and redirect incoming jobs automatically

  1. Download Agent
  2. Install Agent
  3. Open Agent
  4. Use API secret key
  5. Select folders for download
  6. Start Agent
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