Standard printing (Frontier, Noritsu, SureLab)

Standard(conventional) printing automation

There are number of photo printers on the market. We support main trade marks like Noritsu, Frontier, SureLab.

The general idea of automation is to map products created in Hefest Digital to Solid system to the printing channels of your printer.

Noritsu and SureLab work with Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) but Frontier has it’s own protocol. Jobs for Noritsu and/or SureLab you save on the computer to which you have access from your printer. For  Frontier you need MS01 and MS13(hotfolder) software or FrontEnd C-8 to make this automation possible. There should be “c8spool” folder where Hefest will deliver incoming orders for the printer. (Read how to use Hefest Agent to receive and redirect job between printers)

Mapping procedure for all types of printers is identical.

This is how it is done for Frontier printer:

  1. Go to your Management Panel / Printers
  2. Click on the cog next to the printer you want to setup
  3. Take a look at the image bellow. On the left you see products names created in Hefest Digital to Solid. On the right you should input your printer print channels names which are used by your Frontier (or any other) printer.
  4. Set path to c8spool folder in Agent application on your computer.

You are done

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