Acrylic Prints

Probably the easiest media to setup. Specify the thickness of your acrylic media. That is all you have to do.

How to setup acrylic media Steps

Login to your management panel. (Management panel).

Sizes Section

  1. Add size or sizes for your products. Otherwise, use sizes which you have already created.

Media section

  1. Go to Media Section
  2. Name your Media.
  3. Select ‘Board’ as your media type.
  4. Add (+)
  5. Click on newly created media to open its properties.
    1. Scroll down to Acrylic section
    2. Set Thickness of your acrylic board
    3. Set Bleed (optional)
    4. Set Backside Color. (optional)
  6. Leave other settings blank.
  7. Save.

Products Section

  1. Add product
  2. Select Media you have created in Media Section
  3. Select Size
  4. Select Printer
  5. Add price
  6. Save

You are done!

Acrylic Board anatomy

Sample settings

The green marks show the important settings that you have to use to create proper 3D presentation of your product. Example shows acrylic board