Link ordering interfaces to your existing website

You can work with Hefest Digital to Solid service from your current website. The first option is to make a page or pages using Hefest PAGES.  List the print services you provide and and make a link between the storefront you created and your current website. For example, you can create separate pages for different type of services: one for the canvas and art prints, another one for the wooden boards, one more for PDF books or greeting cards. There is no limitation except your creativity.

The second option is to use Integration tool in Management panel to create links to the ordering interfaces and redirect your customers to order a print on a particular media. Keep them thinking that they don’t leave your website. Let’s assume you have an image on your website presenting prints on canvas. Apply the link which you created with Integration tool to this image. When the image is clicked your customer lands to the interface where they order canvas prints. When the order is confirmed, this customer goes back to the page where they started on your website.

How to create a link to ordering interface for a particular media

The link you are building with Integration tool of our Management panel usually consists  of three general parts.

  1. Link to the media ordering interface.
  2. Language of the ordering interface you want to use for your customers. *
  3. URL where you want your customers to go after they have completed the order.

You can make the same ordering interface to work in different languages and support you multi-language website if you have one.

There is more

There are more parameters which you can use to automate printing from the image stock or to promote your special product.