How to apply products preset

Adding new line of products.

You can save a lot of time using predefined products presets. If you take a look at the Management Panel / Products Preset Section you will find a list of various media. Each of the presets contains a ‘recipe’ for the most common sizes usually printed on this type of media. As soon as you have applied a selected preset you get a stream line to receive and print incoming orders for the particular media on your printer. This line includes fully configured media with the wide range of sizes. It is also automatically added to your web storefront.

There are default prices added to every product. Check them and change if you want in your Management Panel/Products Section

Literally, in minutes you can get the new product line up and running. In case you can not find a type which you want to add to your production line, take any of the presets and apply it. After that edit media to meet your need in the Media Section of the Management Panel.

Follow these steps to add new line of products

  1. Go to management panel and open Products Presets Section
  2. Select Media you want to apply
  3. Follow wizard steps
    1. Wizards asks you to select or create a printer.
      1. If you have already got the printer you are planning to print this media on, than select it from the drop down list
    2. Wizard asks you to select or create a page
      1. If you use our service for your online storefront than select a page where you want to place a link to this type of products. Service thumbnail will be automatically added to the selected page. You can also create a new page at this step if you want. Read more on how to use PAGES to create your storefront.
      2. If you don’t use our PAGES, that’s absolutely fine, just name a page and press ‘Apply this recipe’. You can forget about this page for good. Use Integration tool to add your new service to your web-site.
  4. If you are on PAGES, then you are done. Your clients can order prints on the newly added media.

You are done!

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