Books from PDF file

You print theses, reports, menus and other types of booklets or books delivered to you as PDF files. Sometimes it involves a lot of handling. You can simplify your workflow and make it easier to place an order for your customers. The whole process of the ordering can be accomplished in 4 steps:
Your customer
  1. Selects a type of book
  2. Uploads PDF file
  3. Selects book size
  4. Sees how much it will cost (price calculated by amount of pages printed) and confirm.
The order will be automatically downloaded to your shop ready to be printed.
Take a look at the working example.

Print books from PDF files Follow these steps to create book product

Login to your management panel. (Management panel).

Media section

  1. Name your Media. (You can use one media for a certain type of book cover and binding)
  2. Select media type ‘PDF’.
  3. Add (+)

Sizes section

Add size or sizes of the book(s) you print. Instead of the size you can name the type of book here. E.g. Coffee Table Book. This name what your customer see when they place a print order. Otherwise you can reflect the type of binding. E.g. Hardcover book binding.

Products section

  1. Add product
  2. Select Media you have created
  3. Select Size(Name) of the book
  4. Select Printer
  5. Add price for one page. Final price of the order will be calculated by multiplying amount of pages to page price. You can add several prices depending on the amount of pages to be printed.

You are done!