Quick Setup Wizard

Quick Setup Wizard

Quick Setup Wizard navigates you through the setup process. When it’s finished, you have prepared products, printers and web storefront for production.
The wizard consists of 4 steps.

If you follow the steps which you see in the movie, you get your working environment ready in no time.
It is just a start. Later on, you can edit any element, add new media and enhance ordering options of your print shop online  in many ways.

Go to the Management Panel   and fire it up!

These are the steps to take

Watch the movie to see how these steps are made.
  1. Go to Quick Setup Section.
  2. Fill in your info.
  3. You can safely skip logo section. You can add your logo later, when you set up web storefront in PAGES section.
  4. Select the media you want to print on. For a start you can select just a couple of media. Later, you can add as many as you want.
  5. Apply.
  6. Check the products which were created for you in Products section.
  7. Go to PAGES section and click on [Open Page] to see  your web storefront.
  8. Create your orders.
  9. Go to Management Panel / Orders section to see the received orders.

There are two steps left

  1. Download incoming orders into  your printing shop.
  2. Adjust your web storefront look and feel or add links to Hefest ordering interfaces from your current website.
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