Personalised gifts

Personalised gifts are the blank products which can be customised during the ordering process. People usually want to add their images, logos or text to make gifts more personal. For promotional products one would use logos and texts in a specific fonts.

If you sell customised products online, it is important to have proper preview and output file ready to be put on the printer. This file has to meet all your printing requirements. It is also important to have access to the original files which customer used to create their composition. Having customers files let you recreate the layout if you would like to do it.

It is good to have ordering interface as a part of your own website. This is what you can arrange creating a link with our Integration tool and place created link anywhere you want to use it. Otherwise you can use Hefest PAGES to create your personal online storefront and place there all the products you want to sell.

There are number of ready to use 3D models in the Hefest system for the personalised products but there are no limitation and you can use your own models to present your products.

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