There are several things which you might want to know about any incoming order:

Order status

If you do not see any indication, it means the order was picked up and downloaded by Agent application.


Applicable Indicators

Order processed and ready to be downloaded.

It will be downloaded within the period of the timeout which you set in your Agent application.

Order was processed but not downloaded for some reason. Probably, the Agent application is not activated in your print shop. Check wether it’s started. If Agent is running, take a look at its Log section. There you could find a reason why the order was not downloaded. If there is an error, contact Hefest technical support.

Some of the files in the order were not processed. You can try to re-process the order. If it doesn’t help, contact Hefest technical support. It’s a very rare case. It could happen if a customer managed to upload corrupt files.

Inspect Mode

Inspect Mode lets you see what your customer had been doing while preparing their order. You can see not only the contents of the order but also the exact positioning of the images on the media. Actually, it’s a full record of the order the way the system presented it to your customer before it was sent to you.

Get Original Customer's Files

Hefest Digital to Solid processes images to prepare them for printing the same way your customer previews them in the ordering interface. In case you want to see or download the original file, you can access it by clicking on the corresponding line in the order you are working with.

Re-Processing an Order

Sometimes your may want to re-process an order. For example, if something went wrong during printing, re-processing the order brings it back into the printer’s queue.

Order life span.

Remember that Hefest keeps images for 7 days only. It means that images get deleted after a 7-days’ period although the information about the order stays in the system.