Color Management

Color management allows you to convert incoming image files into the color space of your printer. As you know, it helps you to keep your printing quality under better control.

Get your ICC profile  ready and upload it to the selected printer.
Enable Color Management and specify the details of conversion.
We recommend to use perceptual intent, but you can consult the technician who provides the ICC profile for you.

How does Hefest handles color management?

We check all incoming image files for the color profiles that come with them. When color management is on, we convert image into the color space described in the uploaded profile. In case, there is no profile on incoming image, we assign sRGB color profile to it and then convert it into the color space of printer.
Some products in Hefest are a combination of several images (e.g., collages, greeting cards, and personalized merchandise). In these cases, we always produce the output file with sRGB color profile.