Hefest Platform Manual

Hefest Platform Manual


How can your customers send you a message with their order?

In order to enable clients’ messages do the following:

You can allow your clients to send you messages with additional information about their wishes with every product they order.

– Go to Products Section in your Management Interface.

– Select Product you want to receive additional info from your clients

– Check ‘Allow Comments’ check-box.

How to use Fit-in and Fill-out setting for your product?

  1. Generally speaking Fit-in gets the whole image into your size and Fill-out fills the size with the image. Therefore, if the ratio of the image is not the same as the size ratio, you loose part of the image.
    1. We have two different types of interface and this setting work differently in them.

      Conventional Printing Order interface

      It allows your customers to select between Fit-in and Fill-out when they place their order.
      To make it possible you have to create a separate product for every possible combination of the settings. Eg. 10 x 15 Fit-in and 10 x 15 Fill-out (more info)

      Compositions and Visualisation Order interface

      Playing with this setting you can cover a wide range of possibilities to offer to your clients and simplify you workflow.
      If you select Fill-out

      1. It fills the size with the image.
      2. It doesn’t allow to scale the image smaller than the chosen product size.
      3. It allows only 90 degrees rotations of the image.
      4. The user can upload only one image for the product.

      Use Fill-out in case you don’t want your clients to put more then one image on a canvas print and want to be sure that client’s picture covers the whole of the canvas area.

      If you set you product to Fit-in mode:

      1. It fits the whole image into your size
      2. It allows to add more than one image to the product.
      3. It allows free image rotation and scaling.

      Use Fit-in if you want to allow people to create collages for the posters or greeting cards.

What is default product?

This setting make sense only in Conventional ordering interface. When you have a number of products with different settings on the same size you can say which one should go first. For example, on 10 x 15 paper size you can create 4 different combination of instructions/parameters how to print the received image.

You can use this setting to choose which of the combinations has higher priority and should be shown first to your client

How to add text to the image?

You can allow your customers to add text to uploaded images and greeting cards. This feature is working only  in Compositions and Visualisation order interface. Check the corresponding check-box in product settings

Do you support multi-languages websites?

Yes. You can have same ordering interface in different languages. If you work from your own website, you can create links which will open interfaces in the defined language. See how

What is Inspect Mode for?

Inspect Mode let you see what your customer had been doing while preparing their order. You can see not only the contents of the order but also exact positioning of the images on the media. Actually it’s a full copy of the order how it was presented to your customer before it was sent to you.

Can I get access to the original files my client sent to me?

Yes, you can. Open order in Management Panel and download the file(s) in question.

How to manage multiple products at once?

You can select several products and re-assign them to another printer, change the media you want the selected products to be printed on or delete the products

Do the following:
  1. Select the product by checking corresponding checkboxes
  2. Click on the ‘Change selected’ button
  3. Select the action you want to make.

How to change prices of the product

Watch how you can set prices for your products depending on the quantity of the copies ordered.

Read more on Product Settings

Several accounts for one group of clients

If you are an owner of an organisation with several Virtual Labs you may want to use different virtual labs for different group of products. For example, one lab for greeting cards and another for canvas printing.

Every virtual lab has its own list of clients which is not very convenient in production. You customers will have to register for every virtual lab.

To avoid such inconvenience you can combine your virtual lab into realms. This will keep all you customers in one pocket.

In the video 2 groups (realms) were created.