Hefest Platform Manual

Hefest Platform Manual

Products How to setup products

Products are what you sell. Hefest Digital to Solid shows 3D previews of your products very close to how they look like in real life. In this section we explain how to adjust and manage presentation of the products to your clients. Preview is important part of the ordering process but it is also important to get the job file(s) correctly prepared for printing. Both steps are secured by Hefest Digital to Solid. You show you customer a 3D preview of the ordering products and receive job file ready to be put into your printing queue.

It is not a black box

Via Inspect mode in the Management Panel you can see what your customer has been doing while ordering and you always have access to the original file(s) sent by your customer.

General Boards

You can create previews with exact dimensions for canvases, wooden, metal, acrylic boards and papers with different textures. All these media have a variety of different settings which help you to make previews very close to the originals.

Conventional (standard) printing

Arrange and maintain incoming orders for you photo printers like Fuji, Noritzu and Epson SurePrint. Automate orders receiving process to put incoming jobs right into your printer queue.


PNG templates allow you to create proper greeting cards or any other products based on templates. You can allow your customers to create their own collages based on your templates or let them use their own.


You can also have 3D presentation of your fun products such as mugs, t-shirts or phone cases, etc. Actually, there is no limitation for the type of products. You can use any 3D model and allow your customer to apply their own images to it. This kind of jobs are delivered to your printing shop as unwrapped image of the 3D model ready to be printed on your sublimation or any other printer.

PDF books

PDF books printing. People print their books, documents, scripts, thesis and other kinds of papers. If you have such service in your printing shop, you can automate it. Create the types of book you can produce, set you price per page and let your customers send you files for printing.

Products groups

Grouping certain products by media let you present them by group to your customers. You can have greeting cards grouped by a topics. E.g. one for Christmas and another for Easter. The same approach can be used for 3D models of your mugs, t-shirts, mobile phone cases, etc.

Products  Presets

Hefest Digital to Solid provides you with Product Presets which include recipes to create a number of predefined products for canvas, metal, other types of boards, papers, standard prints, and greeting cards. You can use such preset as a starting point for your own line of products.  Learn how to work with Products Presets.

Color Management

Hefest color management system converts incoming image files into the color space of your printer. Learn more