Hefest Platform Manual

Hefest Platform Manual

Quick Start Everything you need to start

We advise yuo to read the general description of Hefest System to understand the infrastructure of the service. It will make you feel more confident when you start setting up your own configuration.

There are three main things which you have to ensure for the smooth operation of your workflow:

Workflow Steps

1. Present the list of your products online.
2. Customers can select the product and send the order for this product to your printing shop.
3. Download the order and redirect jobs to the dedicated printer(s).

Hundreds of Products

There can be hundreds of different products and setting them all up one by one is quite time consuming.
Hefest Digital to Solid service simplifies and speeds up the setup process.
We have Products Presets (or recipes as we call them). These presets contain recipes for creating different media.
For example, when you apply preset for canvas prints, Hefest System creates the most common canvas print sizes, printer and Ordering Interface where you can invite your clients to place their orders.

Quick Start

If you want to start from scratch, use Quick Start option. You can add several media at once and create your web storefront in one go.

Ready to Go

Check prices for these newly added products and you are ready to go. (see how to edit product price)

To make the order processing complete you should specify order delivery options. Your customer will select the way they want to receive the products you made for them.

Setup Order

Run your setup in the following order. These steps have to be made to create and set up your working environment. It’s a good starting point and later you can edit any setting you applied during Quick Setup.

Optional Steps

Notifications are convenient, to keep informed the people involved in production.

Products Presets are a big library with recipes  which you can use to expand your product line.

If you print photos, note the opportunity to make it automated.